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"Building the Family of God: in Christ, in Community, in Love"

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"Spiritual Meditation moves beyond simple rote memorization of key Bible verses. It enters a realm where we allow Scripture to have its way with us as an active and living force...Read More

For many Christians evangelism can be a difficult subject to talk about. Much like bringing up religion or politics at a dinner party can quickly spoil the lighthearted mood and casual conversation around the table; the very word evangelism can have the same effect within the church—evoking feelings of guilt, anxiety, and insecurity...Read More

No event, program, or activity in the life of the church is more important than worshiping God. But what exactly constitutes biblical worship? Initially, we might be tempted to think that God is primarily concerned with our motives (why we worship him) and much less concerned with the manner, or style of how we worship him. Both, however...Read More